Game Of Clones is a new TV dating show straight out of your darkest dystopian nightmares

A Beijing-based production company will create a Chinese version of British dating show Game of Clones, where a single person is matched with eight nearly identical dates who all enter a house rigged with cameras for a week. In Game of Clones, which aired last year on British channel E4, a single man or woman creates a virtual representation of their dream date using avatar-building computer technology. The doppelgangers then all live in a house together with their suitor, who creates a series of challenges and scenarios to get to know their personalities better. Youngest Media was previously commissioned by British network Channel 4, which aired the first series of Game of Clones on its channel E4 in Game of Clones both enthralled and disturbed television audiences in the UK. Shirley Cheng, the senior vice president of 3C Media, said the company was well positioned to adapt the show for Chinese viewers. Chinese produced versions of western franchises are common, and some have received record ratings.

Chinese network picks up UK dating show Game of Clones

By Natalie Corner For Mailonline. Imagine struggling to find the perfect partner – only to be greeted with eight attractive doppelgangers who all meet your exact criteria. That’s exactly the premise of Channel 4’s new dating show Game of Clones, which gives one singleton the chance to specify their ideal mate’s physical traits – including everything from hair style, height and build to eye colour.

They are then presented with the ‘clones’ – who meet every detail to perfection – before who living with and dating them for a week before picking their favourite. Essex man George, 24, describes his perfect woman – she’s slim and with long blonde hair. But if her looks don’t match her personality she is dumped.

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Watch the trailer for Game of Clones, the most bonkers dating show ever

By Peter White. The producers are looking to produce 12 x 75 minute series to air later this year. No broadcaster has been announced. Game of Clones , which was originally commissioned by UK network E4 and airs on NRJ12 in France and RTL2 in Germany, features a group of singletons looking for love and uses avatar technology to create their perfect partner.

If it’s the power of the Force you seek, you’ll need a subscription.

It’s like a real life Sims game where one lucky singleton gets to design their ideal other half using the latest avatar building technology. Everything from hair style and height is picked, and once that perfect person is built, the show’s dating experts scour the country to find not one, but eight suitors. And then the creator gets to spend a whole week living with all of them in a house as well as going on a host of group dates.

However, the show isn’t all based on attractiveness as the teaser reminds us: “But do the clones personalities match their perfect looks? And then their maker will choose one person they want to date — dumping the remaining two by video message. The first episode will see year-old Charlotte form her prince charming, before treating them to several dates including pole dancing and cleaning up after animals on a farm.

Dom Bird from E4 commented on the brand-spanking new format, he said: “Game of Clones is a great addition to E4’s growing slate of entertainment shows. He added: “Given the opportunity to date a houseful of perfect partners, this series promises to delight our singletons as well as our audiences. By Cydney Yeates. Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice. Coronation Street Coronation Street fans think that Daniel Osbourne has been pushed over the edge as they were stunned by his creepy demands for Nicky, as they predicted a very dark twist.

Introducing our new dating reality series for E4: Game of Clones

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SEARCH: Aston Fairhurst (front) appeared on E4 dating show Game of Clones Picture: CHANNEL 4 TELEVISION. 0 comment. A YOUNG man.

Begun, your streaming binge has. If you’re wondering exactly when episode 4, “Unfinished business” will drop, and how you can catch up on previous seasons, we’ve got you covered. Eastern on Friday mornings. That means West Coast night owls are in luck, and will be able to catch the latest episodes at midnight local time. You’ll need a subscription to the service if you don’t have one already , which will also give you access to all the other Star Wars movies and shows like The Mandalorian , as well as countless other Disney programming.

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Game of Clones

The premise is nuts: contestants digitally create their dream boy or girl using a Sims -like body creator — height, weight, build, hair, etc. Then, the show goes out and finds eight people who look like the digitally created person. Then they all date and live with the contestant for a while until he or she decides which seven to dump. Think of this show as the bastard infant of Big Brother and The Bachelor.

E4 dating clones – Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. If you are a middle-aged woman.

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Dancing with copyright infringement: E4 has a creepy new reality show called Game of Clones

A single person builds up a picture of their dream date – height, build, eye colour, finger length, everything. The show then gathers eight potential dates, who all look like the described dream. These eight “clones” move in with the person who dreamed the template. They look the part, but are they compatible? Over the course of a week, the dater weeds out the potentials, and may – or may not – find a fine match. Each week followed a similar pattern.

Youngest Media was previously commissioned by British network Channel 4, which aired the first series of Game of Clones on its channel E4 in.

The premise of this nightmarish clusterfeck of a programme is simple but just as horrific as its pun title suggests. Quirky, yeah. Has anyone watched this horribly scary Game of Clones program? What is it about? Everything that is wrong with everything. GameOfClones — possibly the worst program I’ve ever watched in my life. GRichardsx February 27, Is it possible to make an even shallower show?

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Dating shows used to have this weird disconnect between how they presented themselves fun frothy family entertainment and what they’re actually about pairing off horny fame-hungry somethings to fuck in a cheap holiday resort. Things have moved on in the past few years, though. But those shows still have the unfortunate restraint of dealing with real, everyday humans in whatever misshapen form they show up in. Herein, unsurprisingly, lies the first problem with the format: it’s a struggle for the audience to work out who’s who, too.

If it’s a struggle for Charlotte, it’s nigh impossible for those of us watching at home. Anyhow, there’s a slightly bigger problem facing Charlotte as the competition gets underway.

Glasgow singleton set to star in E4’s new reality dating show Game of Clones. Lianne Robertson, from the city’s Southside, applied for the show.

This new dating show is silly, savage but fun – and surprisingly similar to real life app dating, says Kasia Delgado. Singleton and clones, as total strangers, live together in a house and every night for one week there are rounds of competitive dating tasks after which clones get dumped. First up is Charlotte, who wants a mixed-race man with a quirky dress sense, toned body and a pert posterior. As you would be. Eight men who look scarily similar, in exactly the same trainers and caps.

E does it? But shallow and mad as it may be, Game of Clones is actually a pretty accurate reflection of the real world of dating apps. Charlotte has exactly the same experiences in Game of Clones as she tries to forge a bond with a total stranger. Sometimes Charlotte and a clone have a lovely meeting of minds and sparks hurtle all over the place.

E4’s new dating show Game of Clones has an amazing title and sounds completely evil

Imagine struggling to find the perfect partner – only to be greeted with eight attractive doppelgangers who all meet your exact criteria. That’s exactly the premise of a new UK dating show Game of Clones , which gives one singleton the chance to specify their ideal mate’s physical traits – including everything from hair style, height and build to eye colour, the Daily Mail reports. They are then presented with the “clones” – who meet every detail to perfection – before living with and dating them for a week before picking their favourite.

Game of Clones E4’s nuts new dating show. Game of Clones @gameofclonestv February 28, Some of the best moments from episode two. 1 Likes. Like.

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E4’s bonkers dating show Game of Clones

Here’s our first look at E4’s utterly bonkers new dating show Game of Clones. Airing weeknights at 7. Then, the show’s “dating database” will scour the country for eight singles who perfectly match that ideal person – height, build, hair, etc; and did we mention they have to dress as instructed? Every day, the clones go on group dates designed to help the singleton decide whose personality they like the most, with the lucky clones going in the Love Mobile back to the house and the others landed in the Dumping Room, where they plead for their place.

E4 has released the trailer for its new dating show Game of Clones which sees a singleton design their perfect partner and meet eight clones of.

Charlotte, who is 23, designs her dream man and then moves in with eight guys who look the part. But at the end of day one, she must dump the clone whose personality doesn’t match their perfect looks. The clones try to show their caring side by cleaning out after the animals on a farm. One clone makes a move on Charlotte before another potentially perfect man is sent packing in the Dumping Room. The gang go pole dancing before a quiz helps Charlotte to decide who should be dumped.

But what the clones don’t know is that on this occasion, two of them will be leaving the house permanently. Things are hotting up as the clones design their own dates to show Charlotte their best side – with romantic, hilarious and awkward consequences – before a surprise dumping catches them off guard. Three clones are left, but before Charlotte picks ‘the one’, her mum, best friend and ex turn up to help her make the potentially life-changing decision.

Who will she choose, and who will be stood up? Essex boy George, who is 24, digitally designs his dream girl and then moves in with eight perfect looking blondes. But the clones had better make a good impression by the end of the first day. It’s day 2 for George and his seven remaining gorgeous clones, and the girls get active in a physical game of ‘bubble football’ before showing him their hidden depths with an evening of Show and Tell.

New dating show Game of Clones matches singletons with EIGHT identical dates whom they live wit…