EC sets date for voting in by-polls to 3 seats

That date honored the addition of the Nineteenth Amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote, into the Constitution on August 26, Thirteen of the 16 women serving in the House of Representatives joined him for the signing ceremony. View more posts from our 19th Amendment Centennial series. Images: President Gerald R. National Archives Identifier President Gerald R.

Tumblr ban, Comey and federal shutdown: 5 things you need to know Monday

But there are dozens of other successful people you could be giving your platform and reach to — who are not rethuglican white men making bank off the backs of others while praying at the alter of trump. Peter Thiel can kindly fuck all the way off thankyouverymuch. Seems like all Jared wants is a good shot of people in pain and then recognition for his supercool photography skills. How about instead of showing a pic of a girl with a sign where the actual statement about protecting trans lives is conveniently cut off – Jared actually shared a photo or info on the dozens of trans women murdered this year alone?

And maybe info about who to contact to fight for justice for women who are now no longer able to fight for justice themselves?

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The date was February 14, , in the Gregorian calendar. refers to Sengoku Hidehisa [仙石秀久; ~ ], a professional military-man† and daimyō.

Today in History 23 August British Railways Directorate of the Ministry of Ottoman Affairs in the post sent to the British occupation of the line, during the war used by the Ottoman soldiers in the buildings and rooms in the neck of the railway demanded rent. YHT services, which have opened in the past months, continue in a controlled manner, but there is still no improvement on when the regional train and mainline train services will start!

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Ex-US Special Forces officer charged with spying for Russia

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The Election Commission has announced the dates for voting in the by-polls to Dhaka 5, Pabna 4, and Naogaon 6 parliamentary constituencies. The complete schedule for the by-polls to Dhaka 5 and Naogaon 6 would be declared in due time, Bangla Tribune quoted the senior EC official. Candidates will not be allowed to hold rallies or carry out door-to-door campaigns due to coronavirus pandemic, he added.

The last date for submission of nomination forms for Pabna-4 constituency is September 2 and the forms will be scrutinized on September 3.

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Wilson called a special session in May , and on June 4 the Senate approved what would become the 19th Amendment:. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. In order to come into force, 36 out of the 48 states needed to ratify the amendment.

However, by March , Washington became the thirty-fifth state to ratify the amendment, and only one more was needed. Of the remaining thirteen states, four had already rejected the amendment Maryland, Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina. Over the course of the summer, Mississippi, Delaware, Louisiana, and Georgia would also reject the amendment, leaving only five states: Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont.

Normani said it was ‘devastating’ when Camila Cabello’s racist social media posts were unearthed

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How a Single Violent Crime Tells the Story of U.S.-Japan Relations in Okinawa

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TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI — Armed men fired in the air to disperse several Turkish military support for the GNA forced the eastern-based Libyan.

One hundred years ago, on Aug. Constitution, granting women the right to vote. On that date, my maternal grandmother was 39 years old. By the time of the first election in which she was eligible to vote, she had turned She spent nearly half of her life without a political voice. For over 70 years, they pleaded, petitioned and protested.

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You can follow the progress on Facebook and Tumblr. Thanks to Chieu Hoi Lane Turner (46 photos total)Bowed head in truck: Soldier and location unidentified. Charlie’s first Location, names, and date unknown. #. 5.

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Today in History: 23 August 1919 Anatolian Railways

Among the records cared for by Preservation Programs in St. Louis are those in the Persons of Exceptional Prominence. These records are prepared by preservation staff, treated if needed, and digitized. These records tend to be in higher demand for reference requests, so digitization allows better preservation by offering a surrogate copy and decreasing handling of the records.

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